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Enjoy cool effects, improved graphics and great music of new Crazy Basketball!
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Crazy Basketball is a quite simple but very interesting and fun game. The goal is to remove all the balls from the board - they disappear when three or more of the same color comes together. There are three game modes (Divider, Removal, Sticker) and many levels. In Divider mode there are dividers, from which the balls bounce off. Having removed all the balls, you complete the level. Your task is to get the last level. There are two kinds of dividers - with normal rebound and stronger one. They are distinguished by colors. In Removal the goal is to move off all the balls. Here you will not find dividers. Sticker mode differs from the previous one by the fact that balls look and behave as if they were smeared with glue.
The game starts with the field half-filled with basketballs of different colors. You can pick one of them and throw it up in the air. To do this, click on the point in the air that will be the highest spot in basketball's flight. If it lands next to balls of same color, they will disappear, and you add points to your score. If not, a few balls will drop from the row under the ceiling, and they will stack in piles. You can also throw the ball downwards, but this would give you far less points then an upward throw. The flying ball can reflect from the walls, and bounce off the floor, as you would expect it to do. At the Expert and Master levels more balls will drop after every unsuccessful move. You can submit your best results to the web-site where they are entered in the best scores table displayed online and it has the online tournament option in which you can compete against players from all over the world and win awards and prizes.
The graphics of this game are ok, not bad but nothing out of the ordinary. The music is quite annoying after a short while, but you have the option to play with no music if you feel like I do.
To sum up, Crazy Basketball is a fun and entertaining game, the biggest set back is that the full version is not free.

Review summary


  • Three different game modes
  • Really fun
  • Online scores and tournaments


  • Full version not free
  • The music is annoying
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